as seen on tvSleep and wake up feeling refreshed



Keeps the head and neck in proper alignment, preventing neck strain
allows for better, more restful sleep.Lightweight, pillow density foam
and can be folded and tucked away for easy storage
lightweight pillow density foam. Much cooler temperature

Comfort for everyone

Kiro pillow $19.95

Kiro Jr $12.95

Plus P & H

or call us at: 602-759-9943

Kiro Pillow & Kiro Jr

Kiro Pillow


Kiro Jr


What our customers say

Best travel pillow I have used. I highly recommend it.
Gerald, Los Angeles
I got rid of all of my other pillows. This one works great!
Andy, New York
First time I have slept thru the flight.
Sherry, Phoenix
It’s good to see a product that really works. Well done
Barbara, Denver
I love it! My son’s little head is no longer hanging there.
Meryl, London
My son has special needs. This was the best gift I could have given him.
Georgia, San Francisco

About Us

We focus on developing and marketing unique creations related to various niche markets – Here, we are introducing the Kiro pillow and the Kiro Jr neck support pillows. We are tremendously proud to have created a product that offers comfort to not only adults but finally a product that the whole family can use. My wife and I have five children and we have felt helpless while watching our toddlers sleep with their heads hanging down in a seemingly uncomfortable position Our bodies experience increased stress when it is tired but unable to rest or sleep. Sometimes a brief power nap or a few hours of restful sleep while you are traveling makes all of the difference in the world. It is our hope that you will enjoy our products and share them with your friends.
Gene and Kim

In 2002 we launched a website (, which stood for “Though Is Born of Faith” or “Take It By Force.” One is my wife’s idea; the other is mine. Since that time we have taken a number of products to the market. I am convinced that we all have an entrepreneurial spirit. That something inside us that wants to express itself to the world. We will continue to do so and we hope that you will also.
Some years ago, I was sitting in my Chiropractic office feeling frustrated because I could not find a comfortable sleeping position while sitting in my chair. I began to place pillows in various positions attempting to find some way to keep my head propped up. This led me on a discovery to come up with something I could use during my 2 hour lunch breaks. After trying brand name travel pillows to no avail, I began to etch out what I thought was the best design for a cervical pillow.
It tested my crude, ​ prototype design on a flight and it worked perfectly. The final result was the pillow that we released to the market. I feel that it answers all of the questions about why other pillows fall short.

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We believe that to achieve greatness we must embrace- the awakenings, the disasters, the unexpected joys, the pains, the pleasures, the losses, the discoveries and have the faith to make it come to pass. Tell us what you think.

Dr Gene James

Kim James

Better Health America
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